Hi, my name is Andrew Moiseyenko
I'm a Web Developer and QA Automation Engineer

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I am a full-time web developer with a solid academic background and a passion for technology. I have been exploring IT technologies since childhood, and what I practice now allows me to express myself genuinely.

I learn very quickly because I love what I do.
My curiosity drives me to constantly learn and grow.
I always do my best because the perfectionist inside me strives for excellence.
I am a team player because I love only people more than computers.

However, it's not just the coding or technologies that drive me, but the purpose behind them. My calling has always been to make a meaningful impact. And since technology today is something people use virtually every moment - I decided to use it as my tool. I aspire to work and create things that simplify people's lives and help them reach their highest potential.

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Young Mystic Library

PWA that is used by over 200 users from my wellness community.

It includes safe authorization, access to the library of essential oils, online courses, community news and FAQ. It is also available in multiple languages and has a mobile-first responsive design, created from scratch by me.

Under the hood, it relies on SvelteKit as a front-end and API framework, MongoDB for the database and Sanity as a CMS. The project is hosted on Vercel.

See Live Source Code


This is my passion project. Polling-based social network focused on gathering massive amounts of peoples’ opinions on different topics.

Designed from scratch, it uses Next.js and React for the front-end, Laravel for the back-end, and PostgresSQL for the database.

Features Sanctum user authentication, CRUD operations, front-end & back-end validation and mobile-first responsive layout.

See Live Source Code API Code


GameTro is a project for retro game lovers with the ability to play retro games, compete with your score, read retro game news and more.

Games are the heart of the project, written from scratch in Vanilla JS. GameTro also uses News API and custom JS Scripts with JQuery.

The design was created from scratch in Figma and realised with HTML and CSS.

See Live Source Code

Smart Face

Smart Face is a web application with register/login functionality, that allows you to detect faces in images. It is built with React and uses Clarifai REST API to detect a face on images. Node.js and Express.js server communicate with PostgreSQL database to securely store user information encrypted by BCrypt. The project was inspired by the course "The Complete Web Developer: Zero to Mastery" by ZTM school by Andrei Neagoie.

P.S. Please, be patient. Site registration may take longer than expected because the database is hosted on my Raspberry Pi.

See Live Front Code API Code


A website for the yoga studio. It provides information about the service in a beautiful design created from scratch in Figma. In addition, visitors can view the schedule and contact the studio via the contact form.

See Live Source Code

Anime Museum

My personal passion - anime museum website design created in Figma.

The goal was to minimise user's disruption from the art whilst making navigation simple. The design system with colour palette, typography, iconography, multiple-state components and other elements was created to make this image come alive. I'm planning to develop and deploy this website in the future. Images are generated with MindJourney.

See prototype View Design

Magic Bookstore

A simple bookstore website with the ability to add books to the cart and order them. The website is written in Vanilla JS using JQuery library. It utilises local storage to store the cart and form validation to check inputs on the order page. Even though the design is straightforward, it's my favourite part of this site. I fill with soul even the simplest projects.

See Live Source Code


I am excited to start my journey with your company, gain hands-on experience and contribute to your company's success.

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